How to have the best User Experience (UX) on your website

As technologies vastly developed over time, it is difficult for innovators, developers and designers to catch user’s attention to consistently remain interested. Based on the research done by Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average attention span of human is about 8 seconds. Therefore, when we talk about designing a website, designers would approximately have 8 seconds to attract visitors to their webpages but that is of course without being distracted.

As for Malaysia, we rarely come across interactive websites that could genuinely catch user’s attention to stay and find out more. Well, creating a website that interacts with users will definitely be a unique and useful selling point for businesses. How do you actually achieve this is by following these three simple steps:

User Engagement

User engagement is achieved when a website is responsive towards users when they click on the icons. For instance, check out on how engagement of the website is used to convey a strong message and they managed to glue down visitors to stay and find out more. Responsive website will bring benefit your businesses as they create a sense of want-to-know more on the information given.

Visually Appealing

Visuals are powerful as they can act as a graphic content and also an info based content. As we know, visuals will give an appealing looking website as humans love to look at pictures rather than reading texts. Provide visitors with visuals like images, animations, video clips, graph, infographics enough to spark the user’s attention which enable them to process the message quicker and retain them longer.


Centre of focus

Having a strict planning of arrangement to get the perfect webpage is very important as certain types of arrangement will attract visitors to stay and find out more. Let’s take a look at this webpage: the designers created a focal point to keep users focus and immersed on the message conveyed. However, the centre of focus can also be some graphic visuals, layout or the content itself. A proper planning is crucial as it can be the essence to attract visitors.


Final word, it is better to put yourself in the visitor’s shoe to understand what they want and what keeps them reading. It is best to understand the psychology of designing a website in order to archive maximum results.

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